Why most local SEOs aren’t as good as they used to be

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Are local SEOs any good??

We get asked all the time, “are local SEOs any good?”. This is a very strange question to ask a company who provides local SEO services. But we want to answer your question once and for all.
Disclaimer: Local SEO is vital for your business.
That was obviously coming right, and before we scared you away, you need to know that local SEO itself is crucial if you want to survive in the competitive local market.
But this is only when local SEO is done right.
We have begun to notice, that local SEO seems to be getting worse.
Our team spend a lot of time working on local SEO, but recently something has begun to change.
While a few years ago, not very many people had any local SEO, and the ones that did were brilliant. Today, nearly every business has some level of local SEO, however, it is often done terribly and full of costly mistakes.

Why are local SEOs not as good as they used to be?

There are several reasons that local SEO is getting worse.

Reason 1: Do it yourself SEO

It’s great to learn SEO yourself. We even want to teach our customers so they can learn to follow best practices themselves.
So we are definitely not against people doing their own SEO. However, if you are going to do it, you need to go all in.
You can’t read a single blog post from 2012 and think that you have mastered SEO. You need to stay up to date with current trends going into 2018, 2019 and beyond.
We know that you wouldn’t read a post about tax and think you were an accountant, or a newspaper article on a law and think you were a solicitor. So don’t read a post and think you’ve mastered SEO.
If you are serious about saving a little money by doing your own SEO, take the time to do serious research. And then follow up your research with great work and dedication.
Ironically the software you would normally want will nearly cost as much as an SEO team themselves.

Reason 2: Cheap SEO

The new dominating force on the market has been a sudden flooding of cheap SEO. But search engine optimisation requires knowledge, skill, expensive software and man hours.
This means nobody can afford to produce a good service for these prices.
Of course the SEO companies are partially to blame for this, but so are the customers who try to get something for nothing.
There is no shortcut to keeping your customers and building your online presence.
If you really want to be successful, you need custom strategy designed for your market and your local competition.
Cheap SEO is rarely going to be worth it, and your site may even suffer because of it. So don’t think about price, think about your return on investment and go with a company you can trust.

This is fantastic news for you.

The fact that local SEO is done so badly by most of the competition shouldn’t concern you.
You should be excited.
If everyone had perfect local SEO, it would be so difficult for you to compete. If you didn’t start SEO years ago, you would be too late to the party and it would be impossible for you to get ahead.
Right now you have an amazing opportunity. If you can start to dominate and grow, you can still dominate your local market.
Don’t wait for the competition to get better. Start working on your local SEO today.
If you want some local SEO you can rely on, check out our services.

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